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Money Over Friends Trucker Hats

Money Over Friends Trucker Hats

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Paint Splattered Hat
Upside Down Logo
Hey, hustlers! Introducing our exclusive 'Money Over Friends' Trucker Hats, designed for those who prioritize the grind. Peep the styles we've cooked up for you:

- Baby Pink
- Tan
- Dark Blue
- Orange
- Green
- Yellow
- Red
- Baby Blue
- Dark Pink

But wait, it gets better. We've got two different styles :
- Upside-down and right-side-up 'Money Over Friends' logos, delivering a bold message whichever way you wear it.
- Paint splattered designs for that street-smart, urban edge.

These hats aren't just accessories; they're a manifesto. Show the world where your priorities lie with our 'Money Over Friends' Trucker Hats!
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